Thursday, February 18, 2010

Step by step - Painting a Pet Rock

I have been working on a pet rock and thought I would share the process with others who may be curious about how I go about transforming a rock into an animal. Below are some basic supplies I use to start out. I use a wire brush to clean it well after rinsing the rock in soapy water. Scrape off any debris before filling holes. Holes and cracks are filled and left to dry overnight. I use fine sandpaper to sand the filled area and then proceed to draw the outline of the animal with pencil.

This rock will be a male lion. This is how it looks after patching some of the holes, cracks and any low spots that may be a problem. I fill the areas that will have the most detail painted on them ( like face and any surface on front ) and leave the bottom and back of the rock as natural as possible.

After I have sanded the patched areas smooth, then I draw with pencil for the placement of face and other body elements. Next step is to outline the pencil with watered down black or dark brown acrylic paint. These areas will be the shadows.

Next I start painting the hilites with a light gold. A burnt sienna is used for the main body fur color. By the way this rock will be painted all over, on all sides and bottom. If a rock is nice and smooth I paint the whole thing all over. If it is rough then I usually just paint on the best side.

Now I start to add some of the fur details on the face. I start with the darkest brown and will gradually add layers of lighter browns and golds. Using a fine liner brush is the best way to achieve realistic fur.

After doing many layers, gradually adding yellow, then white to the hilite areas, I finish off with white. When it is complete and I am happy with the colors, I apply 2 or 3 coats of water based sealer to the entire surface.

Here is the finished lion.

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