Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to Pet Rock Portraits

Hi everyone, I'm glad you came to visit and see some of my realistic style art. I enjoy working with people to create a likeness of their favorite pet. They are able to keep it as a memory, on rocks or canvas, ceramic tile, framed board or even cement grave marker. This blog is an opportunity for me to share my love of animals and show you some of my art skills.

Painting on rock is an art form that can be learned and enjoyed by all ages. It's a fun hobby for me and I share it with many groups of people. The result is always unique and personalized. I can create gifts to suit each person. Some are friends, family or collectors of animals. Some are simply looking to preserve a cherished photo of a pet who is now gone, but was loved and part of their family.

The possibilities are endless when you think of all the animals, flowers, and insects that can be painted on a simple found rock. You only have to pick up a river rock and study its shape, to imagine all the possible things it could become. With some paint and a vision you can see so many things.

I gather rocks from fields, streams, walking trails, river beds and bring them home. It's best to gather those that are smooth, unusually shaped, or have very few cracks. This will mean less work when preparing them for painting.

I hope to inspire others who love animals and show how to create some wonderful, one of a kind gifts you can give to loved ones.

Please browse the posts and contact me if interested in having a pet portrait done, or if you wish to purchase something or want to have personal lessons on how to do your own pet portrait. Click on my profile to send me an email.

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