Monday, July 26, 2010

Here Are of Some of My Finished Rocks

I have a wide variety of finished pet rocks to choose from.
If you are interested in a certain animal or would like to
have a special rock done, just let me know.

I have animals like hamsters, spiders, bees, and butterflies.

Household pets include cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbals,
turtle, fish, bugs, frogs on lily pads, snakes, mice,
rabbits, hedgehog, butterfly.

Farm animals: horses, cows, pigs, lambs, chickens with
baby chicks, roosters, geese, ducks.

Big Cats: Cougar or Mountain Lion, Black Panther,
Cheetah, Male and Female Lion, and Tiger.

Canadian wildlife: wolf, fox, beaver, deer, skunk, squirrel,
Bears (black, brown, polar), penguin, raccoon.

Wild and Jungle Animals: Elephant, Monkey, Hippo, Giraffe,
Panda Bear, Kangaroo, Koala Bear

Tucan, Parrot, Eagle, Owls, Falcon, Puffin

Fish and Aquatic: Tropical fish, ducks, geese, Dolphin,
Turtles (sea and land) frogs and toads

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